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Since millennia glass has existed, nevertheless its immense charm and its history have never stopped to conquer us.
Our reality has extremely linked to this object as long as our world has never forgotten and denied to compare with itself. This need has risen up together with its quality, which step by step has reached amazing aims like the capability to obtain images without neither distortions nor defects thanks to both high technology, systems and raw materials. All these instruments with our huge experience in acrylic mirror sheets allow us to satisfy any need, especially yours.
Since twenty years we have been involved in the plastic field, becoming a leader in this enormous market developing a proportional balance both, between passion and labour and ethical value mixed with industrial one.
We are able to resume capabilities above, putting attention to our items through a careful analysis and judgement, growing a little brightness and spell coming from mirrors’ background.
We consider this magic atmosphere a value added for us and for customers as well, considering it enables to make the difference.
Specchidea s.r.l. can ensure customers otherness and a plus to them replying with good efficiency, experience, up-to-date technology, loyalty, quality and last but not least customer’s service to world-wide needs.
During our long activity we have achieved many goals, offering our partners 1.800 tons material yearly, an helpful lead-time and lot of material improvements. First of all, we have planned and realised a 5.000 square meter building plus 600 mq suitable for our offices, then we have increased our technology supplying our workers with the best and highest machineries, thinking of a sensitive and professional staff.
We are really glad of delighting our success and the nearest one as well, with you and our potential customer because we think of being a good and faithful partner trusting in this immense plastic world.
In conclusion, as long as our members believe strongly in this magic world, a cute motto has been thought during this time
We would be very proud of sharing with our business philosophy, hoping to make a little bit yours.
“Our business purpose is to reflect to make you reflect”.
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